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New York Times: Some Good Cities to Grow Old In

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A recent New York Times article highlighted some good cities to grow old in including: Portland, Oregon New York City, New York Iowa City, Iowa Los Angeles, California Madison, Wisconsin…

Miami-Dade Commissioners pass safer streets resolution to reduce bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities

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Miami-Dade Commissioners have passed a safer streets resolution to reduce bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities. This will make streets safer for people of all ages and abilities in Miami-Dade County. Learn…

NPR: Baby Boomers Will Become Sicker Seniors Than Earlier Generations

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A new article from NPR highlights a study conducted by United Health Foundation that says that baby boomers will have more diabetes and obesity compared to previous generations. They will…

Forbes: L.A. Now Wants To Be A Place For Purposeful Aging

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A new Forbesarticle talks about how LA is now on a mission to become a place for purposeful aging. They have launched a three year project: Purposeful Aging Los Angeles….

UM Study Links Neighborhood Greenness to Reduction in Chronic Diseases among Miami-Dade Seniors

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A new study of a quarter-million Miami-Dade County Medicare beneficiaries showed that higher levels of neighborhood greenness, including trees, grass and other vegetation, were linked to a significant reduction in…

Clinical Review: Prevention of falls in older people living in the community

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Advisory Committee Member Edgar Viera’s Clinical Review, Prevention of falls in older people living in the community, was recenlty published the BMJ. Access the full article here:

Evidence from International Study Highlights Need for More Walkable Neighborhoods

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A recent study done in fourteen cities across the globe shows evidence and highlights the need for more walkable communities. Some of the main findings include: Residential density, number of public…

Changing Aging: The Fixes for Ageism

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Changing Aging’s article, The Fixes for Ageism, discusses ageism and ways that it can be addressed. Read the full article at:  

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