Age-Friendly 2022 Mini-Grant Recipients


About the Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative

The Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative is a collaborative, collective impact effort to make Miami-Dade a place for older adults of all ages to stay active and healthy with dignity and enjoyment. We work with community residents, leaders, stakeholders, organizations, and municipalities toward a more age-friendly community.

About the Age-Friendly Mini-Grant Program

The Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative, a collaborative effort to make Miami-Dade County a place where older adults can stay active, engaged, and healthy with dignity and enjoyment awarded five Age-Friendly Mini-Grants to local organizations to help jump-start age-friendly projects across the county. The projects were each selected based on their ability to address community needs as identified through the 2017 Age-Friendly Community Survey. The survey helped to understand the current state of needs and areas of urgency for the county. Each organization was awarded a $2,500 mini-grant.
Results and experiences of funded projects will help promote age-friendly thinking and action among others. The mix of mini-grants demonstrates that municipal governments, nonprofits, universities, faith groups, and others can play important roles in making Miami-Dade age-friendly. Among the programs supported by the Age-Friendly Mini-Grants this year are: ArtSouth, City of North Miami, Florida International University, and Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department.

Meet the 2022 Mini-Grantees!

A black and white photo of the city skyline.1. ArtSouth

ArtSouth’s mini-grant funds will support an age-friendly canvas painting workshop series from January to June 2023. Open to older adults of all skill levels, these workshops cultivate imagination, pride, and creative empowerment. Classes, held weekly, take place at the historic Perrine Community House””between ethnically diverse West Perrine and Palmetto Bay. The house also serves as a professional gallery. This program provides diverse elder artists a nearby venue to pursue their passions. Led by a certified art instructor, classes begin with fundamentals and progress based on participants’ needs. Materials and equipment are provided free of charge. This workshop fosters new relationships in a relaxed setting, connecting old friends and introducing new acquaintances from different neighborhoods. It’s a great way to meet peers who share an interest in creativity. Inclusive instruction accommodates all learning styles, with personalized attention due to class size. Students paint from personal photos, live assemblages, and outdoors. In June, ArtSouth hosts a culminating art reception featuring the artwork created during the program. Social media, email, banners, and more promote this celebratory event showcasing elder-produced art.

(Age-Friendly Domains: Social Participation; Respect & Social Inclusion)

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2. City of North Miami

The City of North Miami’s Golden Silver Senior Program provides quality recreational, educational, and social programs for healthy aging. Through the age-friendly grant, the Enchanted Forest Park project aims to enhance senior participation and accessibility. Monthly clean-up events will be improved with proper tools, benefiting the older population actively involved. An informational pamphlet in multiple languages will guide seniors through the park, highlighting rest areas and walking paths. Handheld scales and a pamphlet kiosk will be added. Utility carts will minimize strain, and stimulating sensory experiences will be created with diverse garden seeds and herbs.

(Age-Friendly Domains: Social Participation; Communication and Information)

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3. Florida International University (FIU) College of Nursing and Health Science’s CARE Center Building AHC3

Occupational therapy practitioners will modify housing for 3 Miami-Dade County elders to maximize safety and meaningful activity participation. Students from the FIU Occupational Therapy Master’s Program, under faculty guidance, will evaluate homes and recommend adaptations. Grant funds will be used to purchase necessary modifications. This project helps students learn valuable skills while benefiting the community. Collaboration and future projects are welcomed.

(Age-Friendly Domains: Housing)

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4. Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department

Miami-Dade County Parks will launch a pilot program for Active Older Adults to go on guided field trips to heritage parks. Participants will visit Matheson Hammock Park for a walking tour and bike ride, Crandon Park for a boat tour of the Miami River, and Deering Estates for guided tours. Lunch will be provided at each location. This program aims to combat isolation and promote physical activity, socialization, and mental well-being. Grant funds will be used for transportation, boat expenses, and catered lunches.

(Age-Friendly Domains: Social Participation; Respect & Social Inclusion)

Lead Agencies

Our partners include the following lead agencies: AARP Florida, Alliance for Aging, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County, Health Foundation of South Florida, Miami-Dade County, Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, United Way of Miami-Dade, and Urban Health Partnerships.

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