Age-Friendly Summit 2019


The rapid change in our older adult population will change the demographics and make-up of Miami-Dade County in the coming years. How well we prepare our communities for this aging phenomenon will determine the quality of life for the residents of our community as it ages. It is imperative that Miami-Dade takes significant steps today towards addressing this challenge and implementing strategies to make our community more age-friendly for older adults.

The Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Summit took place on May 16, 2019 and was an an engaging discussion with local movers-and-shakers aimed at making Greater Miami better – more convenient, more integrated, more accessible, and more enjoyable for older adults and for our citizens of all ages. Strategies aimed at implementation and change from national and community leaders with a focus on actionable steps, particularly focused on our health system, housing, and planning were provided.

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Venue:  Miami Dadeland Marriott, 9090 S Dadeland Blvd, Miami, FL 33156

Date:  Thursday, May 16, 2015, 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Lead Agencies: AARP Florida, Alliance for Aging, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade, Health Foundation of South Florida, Miami-Dade County, Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, United Way of Miami-Dade, Urban Health Partnerships

Goal: Foster commitment toward and create a shared vision for an Age-Friendly Miami-Dade


  • To demonstrate the need for investment in the development of age-friendly health system, housing, and transportation
  • To present best-practices in developing age-friendly communities
  • To develop an inventory of Miami-Dade municipalities or agencies that are interested in, or are taking steps toward becoming age-friendly
  • To obtain commitment from Miami-Dade municipalities and organizations to participate in an active process of prioritizing older adults’ needs and promoting older adults’ engagement in improving the quality of life of the County


Session Details & Speakers

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Registration, Networking, Continental Breakfast and Coffee

Join us for a light refreshments and networking as you check-in to our summit.

Interactive Portion: What is being done in each Age-Friendly Domain? 

Breakfast tables: Attendees participated in more in-depth discussions about particular topics, focused on domains of livability.

Thank you to the organizations and individuals that helped lead these discussions! 

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings, Parks Recreation & Open Spaces Department, Miami-Dade County, Hannah Kling

Transportation, Miami-Dade TPO, Lisa Colmenares

Housing, Health Foundation of South Florida, Natalie Castellanos

Social Participation, Miami-Dade County Public Library System, Louise Gestwicki

Respect & Social Inclusion, AARP Florida, Yvette Martinez

Civic Participation, United Way of Miami-Dade, Linda Schotthoefer

Employment, ReServe Miami, Doreen LoCicero

Communication & Information, Alliance for Aging, Martine Charles

Community & Health System, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade, Mayra Dominguez

9:30 am - 10:00 am

Welcoming Remarks

The summit kicked off the summit with a welcome by the Honorable Sue Loyzelle, Vice Mayor of the first Age-Friendly City in Miami-Dade County and remarks by the Miami-Dade Deputy Mayor Maurice Kemp. Senior Advocate for Mayor Gimenez’s office, Teri Bussee-Arvesu helped us recognize the Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Communities, Mini-Grantees, and Summit Sponsors.


  • The Honorable Sue Loyzelle, Vice Mayor, Town of Cutler Bay

Welcome Remarks

  • Maurice Kemp, Deputy Mayor, Miami-Dade County

Recognitions & Thank you’s

10:00 am - 10:35 am

Age-Friendly Communities & Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative: An Introduction

Speakers shared information on the world and national networks of Age-Friendly Communities. News about an Age-Friendly Florida, and background information on the Age-Friendly Network, goals, survey results, progress to date, and recognition of the Age-Friendly municipalities.

Introduction to Age-Friendly Network

  • Bill Armbruster, AARP Livable Communities

Age-Friendly Florida

  • Jeff Johnson, State Director, AARP Florida

Elder Affairs Representatives

  • Jeanne Curtin, Director of Livable Communities, Department of Elder Affairs

What’s Happening in Miami-Dade?

  • Isabel Rovira, Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative, Co-Founder & COO, Urban Health Partnerships
  • Presentation (Click here to view slides)

10:35 am - 11:00 am

Age-Friendly Transportation System

Learn about how access can affect healthy aging and about the work the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is doing as a lead agency of the Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative toward making streets safer and more connected for all ages and abilities.


  • Max Rothman, President & CEO, Alliance for Aging


  • Carlos Roa, Assistant Director of Transportation & Land Use, Miami-Dade TPO

Q & A

11:00 am - 11:35 am

Age-Friendly Public Health System

In 2018, 37 Counties across Florida participated in a pilot funded by the John Harford and Trust for America’s Health aimed at making Age-Friendly Public Health systems. The goal was to identify and enhance the role of public health in improving the health and well-being of older adults in our community. Learn more about the work, data, and resources available and its connection to Age-Friendly communities.

Introduction & Age-Friendly Public Health System in Miami-Dade

Age-Friendly Public Health System in Florida

  • Jennifer Johnson, Interim Assistant Deputy Secretary for Health & Director, Division of Public Health Statistics and Performance Management, Florida Department of Health
  • Presentation (Click here to view slides)

US Census – How Data Will Influence Future Decision Making

Q & A

11:35 am - 1:00 pm

LUNCH WITH KEYNOTE: Land Use, Affordable Housing, Smart Growth and Planning for Resilient Aging

Join us for lunch and a keynote presentation with Danielle Arigoni, AARP Director of Livable Communities. A planner by trade, Danielle has been a leader in national-level efforts to expand the investment in sustainability and livability for over two decades. With experience working with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and US Environmental Protection Agency, Danielle brings a unique view to resilient aging and opportunities for aging in place. Today, she leads efforts supporting AARP states to achieve local policy change to create more sustainable and resilient communities for all ages. Learn how you can support or implement strategies and change here in Miami-Dade.


  • Mary Donworth, Group Vice President, Community Impact, United Way of Miami-Dade


Q & A

1:00 pm - 1:55 pm

Age-Friendly Housing in Miami-Dade: Identifying & Addressing Age-Friendly & Affordable Housing Strategies in South Florida

Learn about recent research on age-friendly housing policies in Miami-Dade as well as the need for a focus on age-friendly housing throughout the County. Hear from local leaders and organizations focused on improving housing opportunities for all ages. 


  • Maura Shiffman, Associate Vice President, Community Initiatives and Impact, Health Foundation of South Florida

Age-Friendly Housing Scan

Miami-Dade Affordable Housing Blueprint & Affordable Housing Preservation 

Home Sharing & SilverNest

Q & A

1:55 pm - 2:00 pm

Closing & Challenge

The Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Summit will conclude with a Challenge to attendees, leaders of municipalities, communities, and local businesses and departments.

Will you pledge to make your community more age-friendly?

Thank You & Wrap-Up

  • Teri Busse-Arvesu, Senior Advocate, Office of the Mayor, Miami-Dade County

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Workshop: Age-Friendly Toolbox for Municipalities

Over 30 participants joined us for an optional breakout workshop for municipalities involved in age-friendly communities! Both municipalities that had joined the network or were interested in joining, had the opportunity to lear about resources and staff available to help in the process toward creating a livable community for all ages. 


Introductions by Speakers & Participant Cities

  • All Speakers & Participants

Steps to Joining the Age-Friendly Network – AARP Tools & Support

AARP Florida – Local Support from an Age-Friendly Florida

National Resource – Reframing Aging Toolkit

Local Data Resource – Miami Matters

Local Action Plan Sample – Cutler Bay

Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Resources

Q & A

Lead Agencies

Our partners include the following lead agencies: AARP Florida, Alliance for Aging, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County, Health Foundation of South Florida, Miami-Dade County, Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, United Way of Miami-Dade, and Urban Health Partnerships.

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